PLC Modules Repair

At “TSL / Kuwait” Verifying our repair is a Priority # 1

And when it comes to PLC Systems, and Modules Repair, Our Engineers are always busy setting up Test Stands For
the purpose of confirming Customers Complaints, and Verifying the Unit’s repair afterwards.

Dear Customer, For a formal Quotation on any repair, Please send unit in question to our Lab.
For evaluation (All repair evaluations are Provided FREE of charge) so you will be able to take the right decision if it’s worth repairing or Not.

“Download PLC module List”


Here are some of our PLC Repair Capabilities:



6ES5100-8MA01 CPU 100 Processor Module
6ES5100-8MA02 CPU 100 Processor Module
6ES5100-8MA11 CPU 100 Processor Module
6ES5102-8MA01 CPU 102 Central Processor
6ES5102-8MA02 CPU 102 Central Processor
6ES5103-8MA01 CPU 103 Processor Module
6ES5103-8MA02 CPU 103 Processor Module
6ES5103-8MA03 CPU 103 Processor Module
6ES5315-8MA11 IM315 Interface Module
6ES5316-8FA12 IM316F Interface Module
6ES5316-8MA11 IM316 Interface Module
6ES5316-8MA12 IM316 Interface Module
6ES5318-8MA11 ET 100U
6ES5318-8MA12 ET 100U Interface Module
6ES5318-8MB11 ET 200U
6ES5318-8MB12 ET 200U – DP Siemens of Profibus DP Interface
6ES5318-8MB13 ET 200U – DP Siemens of Profibus DP Interface
6ES5318-8MC11 ET 200U
6ES5318-8MC12 ET 200U
6ES5330-8MA11 Bus Signal Display Module
6ES5380-8MA11 Timer Module
6ES5385-8MA11 Counter Module – 500Hz
6ES5385-8MB11 High Speed Counter Module
6ES5420-8MA11 Digital Input Module – 4DI, 24VDC
6ES5421-8MA11 Digital Input Module – 8DI, 24VDC
6ES5421-8MA12 Digital Input Module – 8DI, 24VDC
6ES5422-8MA11 Digital Input Module – 16DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-8MB11 Digital Input – 4DI
6ES5430-8MC11 Digital Input Module – 4DI, 115 VAC
6ES5430-8MD11 Digital Input Module – 4DI, 230 VAC
6ES5431-8FA11 Digital Input Module – 24, VDC Floating
6ES5431-8MA11 Digital Input Module – 8DI, 24 VDC
6ES5431-8MC11 Digital Input Module – 8DI, 115 VAC
6ES5431-8MD11 Digital Input Module – 8DI, 230 VAC
6ES5433-8MA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5437-8EA12 Digital input – 4DI Exx
6ES5440-8MA11 Digital Output Module – 4DO 24VDC 2A
6ES5440-8MA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5440-8MA21 Digital Output Module – 4DO 24VDC 2A


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